Julia Degan 

Julia Degan, 2015 IAAF World Championship Finisher

Julia Degan, 2015 IAAF World Championship Finisher

Julia Degan, 2015 IAAF World Championship Finisher talks 'why she loves to run'. She says "Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." Julia started her running journey with Campbelltown Joggers which she describes as a wonderful community club where she made some fantastic lifelong friends. Her experience really ignited her passion for running, with their friendly club atmosphere and wide variety of scenic runs.

Julia continued running then had a break in 2010 for a couple of years due to a chronic side-stitch problem which has since ceased. During this time she turned to ocean swimming and then triathlons before getting back into her passion of fulltime running. She started to make great progress and under the guidance of coach Mike Lawson turned to the marathon. In a highly successful debut marathon Julia qualified for the IAAF World Championships in Beijing and had the chance to represent her country. She surpassed expectations and finished over 20 places higher than her ranking and enjoyed every moment (maybe not the post-race cramps!).

Top 5 reasons Julia loves to run

  1. I love the simplicity of running, in that you can just put on your shoes and you're out the door! There's nothing better than breathing in fresh air whilst getting the cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular, and plethora of other benefits that running provides. The endorphins that set in after a run are also undeniable, and I can't think of a better start to any day than with a run!
  2. I love challenging myself and trying to get the best out of myself in races, on any given day. I know I'm not always going to run a personal best, or even run as well as I should on the day, but knowing I tried my best is extremely rewarding. And when you do run a PB, it's exhilarating!
  3. I love the variety that running can bring. There's so many beautiful running trails and courses, not just in NSW, but country and worldwide! There's no end to races and events that you can participate in, and now with events such as Parkrun (which is free and run purely by volunteers), there's so many opportunities to get out there, enjoy and challenge yourself.
  4. I love the social aspect of running. I'm part of a wonderful training group, with a fantastic coach, and the camaraderie of that is brilliant. I'm also fortunate enough to have two running 'families' in the Sydney Striders and the Campbelltown Joggers Club. Both clubs are full of lovely, like-minded individuals who put a smile on my face every time I run with them or participate in one of their events.
  5. I love that running is providing so much joy, good health and assistance to people worldwide! I love it when I'm at a race and I see people just stoked to be out there, get over the finish line, or achieve their goal time. I also love that many runs now raise money for charity, which gives people an even greater purpose to get involved and feel as though they're making a difference to not only themselves, but others. Groups such as Can Too are a wonderful example of how running can positively impact the running and wider community.