The Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon Relay will commence at 6:45 on Sunday, May 21, 2017. The SMH Half Marathon Relay event is a distance of 21 km's incorporating two legs;

Who Distance Start Location Start Group
Runner 1 7km College Street Self seed within either the Green (faster) or Yellow (slower) start groups
Runner 2 14km Metcalfe Park in Pyrmont Start Groups for Runner 2 will be split by their corresponding bib letter
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Gradient Map

Gradient Map

Relay Access Map

The pedestrian route to walk between Hyde Park and Metcalfe Park is approx a 15 minute walk. Please see the map below for directions.

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Start & Finish Map

To view the combined start and finish map, please click here.

Cut-off points

There are cut-off points along the course to assist with re-opening of roads, we are under strict instructions from the NSW Police and RMS to ensure the timeliness of roads re-opening for public use. Therefore, course cut-offs are used to ensure that these regulations are adhered to.

Cut-offs are calculated from the time the last person crosses the start line, participants will need to maintain an average pace of 7.5min/km. Please note, in the event of runner 1 missing a cut off, Runner 2 will still be able to complete the 2nd leg.

Time of day Race Time Distance Location
6:45am 0mins 0km The SMH Half Marathon Commences
7:10am 0mins 0km No more runners allowed to cross the start line
7:45am 35mins 5km Sussex Street
7:58am 48mins 6.4km Pyrmont Bridge & Murray Street intersection
8:27am 77mins 11km Pyrmont Street & Allen Street intersection
8:32am 82mins 11.6km Harris Street & Fig Street on-ramp intersection
9:10am 120mins 15.5km Kent Street at Bradfield highway on-ramp
9:30am 140mins 17.5km Prince Albert Road
9:55am 165mins 21km Runners diverted through College Street underpass

Drink Station & Toilet Locations

Location Distance (approx.) Water Hydralyte GU Chomps Toilets
Start Line 0km Yes No No Yes
Drink Station 1 3.5km Yes No No Yes
Drink Station 2 7.5km Yes Yes No Yes
Drink Station 3 10km Yes Yes No No
Drink Station 4 13km Yes No Yes Yes
Drink Station 5 15km Yes No No No
Drink Station 6 19km Yes Yes No Yes
Finish Line 21.1km Yes Yes No Yes

Relay Gear Information

A designated gear holding area will be available at relay transition for Runner 2 to drop their gear until Runner 1 arrives. Please note, gear will not be returned to the finish from this transition point.

Alternatively Runner 2 can give their belongings to Runner 1 for them to drop at the Gear Drop/Collection point prior to race start. Runner 2 can then collect from the Gear Drop/Collection point upon completion of the race. 

Relay Runners with Children

If both parents are running as part of a relay team, Runner 2 should take the children to the transition area at Metcalfe Park. Once at the transition identify yourself to a volunteer or staff member who will direct you to a separate zone within the transition area where you will be able to wait with your children.

When Runner 1 reaches the transition area they can exchange the slap band with Runner 2 and also take over care of the children. Runner 2 will then commence their leg of the race. One of the parents or guardians will be able to remain with the children at all times.

The time spent in the transition area does not contribute to the overall team time with timing mats at the entrance and exit of transition. Runner 1 and the children can then make their way back to Hyde Park by walking, driving or catching the light rail over to cheer Runner 2 over the finish line

Relay Transition

  • The change over from Runner 1 to Runner 2 will be at Metcalfe Park in Pyrmont.
  • Runner 1 will enter the transition zone upon completing the 7km leg and run towards the letter which matches their bib. Runner 1 will hand the slap band to runner 2, before runner 2 commences the 14km leg.
  • Runner 2 will be waiting at the corresponding bib letter and then exit the transition zone.

*Please note the transition time is not included in your overall combined team time.

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