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Corporate Teams Program Packages Terms and Conditions

Looking to register a team and need support?

Whether your team is competitive or just want to have fun, there is a package suited for your company!

The Corporate Team Program engages with the corporate community to provide companies, large or small, the opportunity to be part of an active event. Companies can use the event to challenge their colleagues, work towards a common fundraising goal or simply as a social activity. The Corporate Program has Team Registration Packages designed to suit all teams and provide assistance to Team Managers.  

These packages aim to make the pre, during and post event process as helpful as possible within a variety of budgets.

Please note that the Corporate Team Registration Packages do not include individual entry fees.

Feature Basic
Team Managers Brief
'Pay Later' or 'Pay Individual' function
Competing for the Corporate Team Trophy
Regular team eDM's and updates (including Start Group capacity updates)
Team poster for internal promotion
Thank you certificate for charity fundraising
Potential PR opportunities
Fundraising advice from Charity Manager
Discounted entry fee for first 25 participants $5 off
Discounted entry fee for first 50 participants $10 off
Direct contact with Corporate Team program manager
Express Race Bib Collection

*Prices inclusive of GST.

Please note that a booking fee of 2.53% will apply to each transaction.

To submit your interest or request additional information on the above packages, contact our team by clicking the below ‘Enquire Now’ button. If you are ready to purchase a registration package to begin your team setup, please click the 'Book Now' button. Once you have entered your details you will be agreeing to the terms set out on this page, governing Corporate Registration Packages.

Are the Corporate Registration Packages Refundable?

The Corporate Registration Packages are non-refundable, so please ensure you have read the inclusions of the package prior to purchasing. The standard Event Terms and Conditions apply to registrations.

Will the pay later function switch on automatically?

No, please contact the Corporate Team Manager at yourteam@fairfaxmedia.com.au to have this functionality turned on for your team if you did not request so at the time of purchase.

Do the Corporate Registration Packages include the individual entry fee?

The Corporate Registration Packages aim to make the registration process as easy as possible for Team Managers and to provide an enhanced level of assistance relating to the package purchased. Individual registration fees are not included as part of these packages and need to be purchased by the individual or organisation via the registration console.

I've purchased a Premium Package and have 50 participants in my group. When is the discount applied?

The discount code is only available for 'Pay Later' teams and is not provided to the group until the Fairfax Corporate Team Manager is advised by the Team Manager that they have reached either 25 or 50 participants. The Fairfax Corporate Team Manager can be contacted at yourteam@fairfaxmedia.com.au. Once the code is provided, please log into your Team Manager Dashboard, scroll down to the ‘Financial Summary’ section and click the green button to ‘Make Payment’. Enter the voucher code prior to making full payment. The discount is provided per individual, not per entry.

Please note, once full payment has been made, the discount will not be refunded if you reach the capped number at a later date.

Can I purchase a Corporate Registration Package if I have some runners competing in the relay?

Yes, it does not matter if your team members are registered in the Half Marathon as an individual runner or the relay event as a duo, you will still be able to manage all team members in your team from your Team Manager’s Dashboard.